Ravenswood custom knives
"A knife is the single most important tool in the kitchen, and a good one is an extension of the cooks arm. In this age of carbon-copy-cutout-gadgets, and over-night TV chef celebrities, it is the quality of the craftsmanship of the knife in your hand and the experience  and technical skill you have mastered that separate the real cooks from the fakes. My Ravenswood Forged carbon steel chef's knife is ever present in my kitchen at The Farm Cooking School where I teach and work."





Chef Ian Knauer

writer and star of THE FARM on PBS


WHAT WE DO......

We're what happens when a chef and a knife maker join forces and decide to make custom knives for working kitchens.....

We make, one of a kind, carbon steel blades.  Each is an individual, with its own distinct look and feel. We offer forged blades, as well as ground ones. And, we offer a range of handle materials from recycled to exotics. Our pieces can be found in a number of high end cutlery stores including Brooklyn Kitchen and can also be purchased directly through us, here.

Want to inquire about a custom piece? Just drop us a line, here,

We're happy to answer questions and fill requests.

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Just two guys with a passion for food, knives, and DIY culture  ....

Chris Mayor is a knife maker, forager, cook, and instructor, at the Fire Arts Center of Chicago.

Brendan McDermott is a chef, culinary instructor, and knife maker, with an award winning knife skills class and over 15 years experience working in kitchens. 

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